Riddle in the Garden
be curious

always go south

oh yes and we swung out heading south to the warm places
with the sun glistening off the rippling water over the bay and in the salt sea mist
the rocks shone light and smiled with loving kindness as we kisssed all
the birds and fish good bye touching and caressing each one until finally
it was time and the door opened the bright light blinded our eyes so long
acustomed to darkness we fell down onto our knees the air was cool fresh
and smelled of lilac and olive then we could see the moon and the stars thru
the thin screen in the wooden window frame next to the bed and i turned to you and
said oh how could it be any other way and
you laughed with all of your heart and eyes which were blue and pulled me close
to you and like that we fell flying together over the mountains and in to the
secret place beyond so much why and why not and yes and no